12000 Gauss Neodymium Magnet Bar With Ring Eyebolt Sintered NdFeB Magnet Tube

  • Diameter: 25mm
  • Length: 500mm
  • Surface Gauss: 12000 Gauss
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:80℃
  • Product description:12000 Gauss Neodymium Magnet Bar With Ring Eyebolt Sintered NdFeB Magnet Tube

Magnet Tube, also named magnetic rod, tube magnet, magnetic tube, magnetic filter bar, is made from the powerful rare earth magnets (NdFeB or SmCo) or Ferrite magnets in a seamless stainless steel tube ( 304 or 316).

Magnet Filter Tube is designed to get rid off iron or steel substances in liquor, used in various fields including the chemical industry, the foodstuff industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and etc.

When liquor containing ferrous substances pass through the framework, the iron or steel substances will be attached to the wall of the filter bars and magnetic cartridges.

The normal diameter of Magnet Filter Tube is available from 15mm to 40mm. Its max surface gauss can reach around 12,000GS. Sizes and lengths of the magnet filter tubes and shapes of the frameworks can vary as per clients’ requests.

If you could provide us these information in firstly, it will help us offer you solutions soon:

1. Dimensions of magnet tube: Diameter, Length, Flat or thread on two endings

2. Surface Gauss

3. Maximum operating temperature

4. Application: Industry or food field

5. Quantity

6. Shipping ( By Air or By Sea )

Any questions, please contact us with no hesitate, and our engineers will provide you suitable magnetic solutions.

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