Name Badge Magnet Strong Neodymium Magnetic Name Tag Holders

  • Size: 45x13mm
  • Magnet: Two Neodymium Magnet Discs
  • Coating: Nickel
  • Tape: 3M Double Sides Adhesive
  • Product description:Name Badge Magnet Strong Neodymium Magnetic Name Tag Holders

Magnetic Name Badge Holder:
Magnet Name/ID Badges are perfect for holding ID badges securely and safely – without damaging clothing. These super-strong, lightweight ID badge holders are designed in two pieces: the inside or anchor bar and the outside bar, held together by three small neodymium magnets. These magnetic name badges do not require you to insert a pin through your jacket to wear a name tag.

1. Magnetic Badge Holder with 3M Adhesive Fastener
2. Two piece design with front magnetic plate features adhesive backing to easily hold name tag, badge or ID
3. Each badge has 2 or 3 extra strong neodymium magnets
4. Perfect for office, school, crafts and much more
Below are our standard versions of name badge magnet:

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